Sponsor the Trash Wheels

The Trash Wheel family is made up of four sustainably powered trash interceptors in the Baltimore Harbor. They may be semi-autonomous, but they need a lot of help! If you or company are interested in becoming a trash wheel family sponsor, please email us at MrTrashWheel@WaterfrontPartnership.org. Your sponsorship will help to remove over 500 tons of trash each year form the Baltimore Harbor and keep the tra
sh wheels churning.

Current Sponsors:



1.Traditional media

  •  We will collaborate with your company to issue a press release announcing your Trash Wheel family sponsorship. We work with a professional PR company to maximize our media exposure.

2. Social media

  • We will collaborate with your or your company to create custom graphics featuring your logo or product with the Trash Wheel and use the graphics to announce your sponsorship on social media, as social media profile images, and as social media page headers. These will stay in place throughout the sponsorship period.
  •  We will collaborate with your company conduct a social media take over of the Trash Wheel accounts. We will dedicate an entire day to social media posts about the great work your company is doing in Baltimore.
  • Option to run a giveaway competition on Mr. Trash Wheel’s social media.

3. Team engagement

  • We can provide an escorted tour (by boat) of the Trash Wheel for up to a dozen members of your team.
  • You will receive a sponsorship certificate to display in your home or office, a Trash Wheel plushie, and as many stickers as you need (within reason).

4. Bragging rights

  • Your sponsorship will fund the removal of approximately 45,000 foam containers, 480,000 cigarette butts, 42,000 plastic bottles, and possibly a mattress or ball python.
  • We will give you the full dataset of what you helped remove along with notable items to display in a well-ventilated space.

5. On site recognition

  • You sponsorship recognized on interpretative signage located at a Trash Wheel including your logo (size 2″x8″).

Other Opportunties

If you’re interested in supporting or donating to the building, upkeep, and expansion of trash wheels get in touch! We are always looking for new ways to partner with like minded organizations, businesses, and communities. Email mrtrashwheel@waterfrontpartnership.org with you information and we’ll be in touch.

*Waterfront Partnership reserves the right to determine which sponsorship offers are the best fit for Mr. Trash Wheel’s mission and to reject any sponsorship offers for any reason.