Meet the Mr. Trash Wheel Family

Mr. Trash Wheel

Installed: May 9, 2014

Location: Jones Falls stream, Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD

Likes: Pizza boxes, pythons and Star Wars (even the prequels)

Dislikes: single-use plastics, fatbergs and ducks (but denies ever eating one) (two maybe)

Professor Trash Wheel

Installed: December 4, 2016

Location: Harris Creek, Canton neighborhood, Baltimore, MD

Likes: Women in science, Beyonce, Eleanor Roosevelt, Thomas Dolby and sea otters

Dislikes: Low tides, strong winds and the patriarchy

Captain Trash Wheel

Installed: June 5, 2018

Location: Masonville Cove, Baltimore, MD

Likes: Big ships, bird watching and the beneficial reuse of dredge materials

Dislikes: Sedimentation, cloudy days and gender-specific pronouns