“Mr. Trash Wheel stands tall, the most visible, perhaps the only, successful engineering-based ocean cleanup project, tried and tested.”

Andrew Thaler, Deep-sea biologist

“Universally celebrated by scientists, and citizens, they are arguably the most beloved and sensible anti-plastic-pollution mechanisms in the country.”

The New Yorker

“To my son, Mr. Trash Wheel is a hero”


“Baltimore’s adorable water wheel that captures the waste bobbing down the Jones Falls River before it reaches the ocean”

The Verge

“…there is one effective engineering solution to the prevention problem: Mr. Trash Wheel…”


“It’s easier to collect trash from rivers and streams than from the open ocean.”

Science News

“The Chesapeake region’s most beloved sustainability project”


“A new spin on trapping ocean trash”

Huffington Post

“Examples like Baltimore Harbor’s Mr. Trash Wheel provide a blueprint for effective ways to
prevent trash from reaching our ocean.”

Ocean Conservancy

“… an example of where technology for cleaning up plastic in the oceans can have the most impact.”

5 Gyres Institute